The Teenagers is a episodic story written by Nina about the lives of six high school students. Season one will consist of thirteen episodes and will begin airing in Summer 2015.


Current Main CastEdit

Episode ListEdit

Season OneEdit

  • This season consists of thirteen episodes.
No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
1 1 Hide and Go Reek 22 June 2015
2 2 As If, Darling
3 3 It's Aman-man-manda's World
4 4 She-Devil
5 5 The Big Wang Theory
6 6 Kick the Kicker
7 7 Little Miss Goldielocks, Without the Nice Bears
8 8 It's a Jolly Good Melon
9 9 Chicago Men
10 10 A Bad Case of the Ding-a-Dongs
11 11 In It to Lose It
12 12 Somebody's Preggers...Not It!
13 13 I Open at the Close

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