Hide and Go Reek
Season One, Episode One
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"As If, Darling"

Hide and Go Reek is the pilot episode of The Teenagers and the first episode of season one. The episode was directed and written by Nina. It aired on June 24th, 2015.


Ryder meets an interesting young man in football practice who helps him open up just a little bit. However, how will this affect Ryder and his status? And what happens when Mike accuses him of betraying the team? Luke starts to drift away from his whole family with dangerous consequences, while Danielle and Jennifer find an understanding between each other. Meanwhile, Leyla has a hard time coping with her father's betrayal.

Episode – Hide and Go ReekEdit

"Honey, please wake up. I would not want you to be late for school." Danielle's mother grabbed her shoulder firmly and shook her until the blonde opened her eyes. "Morning, mother." Her mom chuckled. "Morning, daughter. Now please get up." Danielle groaned and sat up in her bed. "It's not even 6 am yet. Why would you wake me up this early?" She got up from her bed and started making it while her mother stood in the doorway. "Well, sweetie, it's your first actual day of school and I've noticed some stories on your desk and thought you'd might want to finish them before you get overwhelmed by school." Danielle smiled at her mother. "You know me so well."

All the way at the other end of the town, Luke Campanelli was drooling peacefully in his bed when he suddenly felt a sharp thud on the head. "What the fuck?!" he exclaimed as he rose up from the bed, rubbing his head. His younger sister, Paola, was holding a giant plastic doll in her hands and giggling. "You said a dirty word." Luke smirked. Paola was the only person in his entire family that he actually cared about. "I'm gonna say more if you don't leave now, P." He gently tickled her sides and she giggled some more before running out of the room. Luke groaned and fell back onto his bed.

In the somewhat richer part of the town, Jennifer Matherson was running late, as always. She was in the midst of putting eyeliner on when she heard her mother scream from the living room. "Jenny, your bus leaves in 5 minutes! Hurry up already!" She groaned and pushed her makeup into her bag, planning on doing it in the bus. She ran out of her room and just as she approached the stairs that led to the hallway of their apartment building, her mother gently grabbed her head and gave it a kiss. "Don't be late today, okay? Macy will come over for lunch. We need to discuss some matters." Macy was the nickname that the family gave to Jennifer's sister, Yameisy. She was a student at Yale and came back to their hometown after Jennifer had called her as she couldn't endure her parents' fighting anymore. She was currently staying in her apartment a few blocks away. "Mom, I'm not discussing anything. I don't care." Her mother sighed. "Jenny, please, I just need you to--" "No, mom, I don't care. Leave me be." She hurried off up the stairs.

Mike Betson was on his way to the school, cheerfully playing with a football, as his friend Zachary approached him. "Yo, Mike, what's up?" They fist-bumped and continued on walking towards the school. "Hey, not much. I'm pretty damn excited for football. I've been waiting all summer for this. The tryouts were intense, man." Zachary sighed. "Sure as hell, man. I gotta tell ya, they were a whole 24 hours ago but I be feelin' as if they were 5 minutes ago. I keep reliving it in my head bro." Mike nodded. "I feel sorry for that kid who basically got humiliated in front of everyone. What was his name? Paul?" Zachary nodded. "Don't feel sorry. Word around town is he was a spy sent over by Westfield High. They're our biggest opponents, man. The two schools are known for pulling pranks and other stuff on each other. I'm just hopin' there ain't no more spies on the team, ya feel?" Mike nodded. "Wow." He suddenly dropped his ball and bent down to pick it up, his shirt rising up and revealing his waist. "Oh yo man you got some nasty shit all up on yo ribcage." Mike quickly stood back up and fixed his shirt. "Took a nasty thud yesterday as I was walking home from the tryouts." Zachary nodded. "Yikes. Well you gotta watch yourself bro, you the star quarterback. Wouldn't want to see that pretty face messed up."

"Please, do not even get me started on her shoes. That bitch should be sent over to Style by Jury, though I'm not sure what good they could do." Patricia Wallis said as she was walking next to Maya Goldstein and behind Leyla Jasinski. Leyla scoffed. "Bruce is a fucking genious, Trish. Do not even think he can't get something done." Patricia rolled her eyes. "I've got to go now, ladies. I'll see you later." Leyla walked away from her posse and made her way to the History classroom. However, in front of the guidance counselor's office, she bumped into a dark-clad figure. "Dad... what are you doing here?" Her dad smiled at her. "Hey sweet cheeks. I'm here to drop off some papers to confirm that I've changed my job." Leyla raised an eyebrow. "You haven't changed your job, you've moved into a different firm." Her dad smirked. "True. And your Biology teacher, that awful Mrs. Krawski, has been grilling me about bringing these papers to her. I'm telling you, her husband must be a very poor man." Leyla tilted her head. "Funny. I was about to say that about my mom's husband." She walked off, leaving her dad stunned behind her.

All the way down the holl, Ryder Szocsi was throwing a football around. When the bell rang, distracting him, he dropped it and it hit his Math teacher, Mrs. Lewis. "Oh, I am so sorry Mrs. Lewis, won't happen again. May I compliment your leg warmers. They really make your knees pop." Mrs. Lewis murmured something about better times and walked off. Ryder chuckled. That woman didn't care about anything else other than cats, coffee and Ellen DeGeneres. All of a sudden, a big guy walked up to Ryder. "Hey. Are you on the football team?" Ryder nodded. "Yeah. Are you?" The guy smiled. "Sure am. My name's Ethan." They shook hands. "Listen, I'm new in town and don't relly know anyone or anything. Would you mind grabbing some coffee with me after school?" Ryder raised an eyebrow. "You mean, after football practice?" Ethan shook his head.

Danielle walked out of her first class -- English. She loved English class. It was the one hour of her day where she could write her heart out and not be judged by uncreative people. She saw a brunette girl in front of her, collecting her books off the floor. She quickly walked up to her. "You need some help with that?" The brunette girl looked up at her and smiled. "Yes, thank you. I'm honestly the biggest klutz in the world." Danielle bent down to help her out. "I'm Danielle, but you can feel free to call me Dani. I mean, when I become famous everybody's gonna be calling me Danielle so it's only fair that my classmates get to call me Dani." Jennifer nodded. "Oh. I'm Jennifer. What are you gonna become famous for?" Danielle shrugged. "Writing. I love writing. I just feel like not enough people know how to appreciate me or what I do." Jennifer nodded. "I get what you mean. What's your next class?" "Geography." Jennifer smiled. "Mine too."

Luke opened his locker as a dark-clad figure approached him. "Hey. Do you have the dough?" Luke sighed. "No, but I promise I'll bring it to you tomorrow." The man glared at him. "Fine, but if you don't bring it, shit's gonna happen and you know it, pretty boy." Luke sighed. "I said I'll bring it, did I not?" The man glared at him once more. At that moment, Luke's phone rang. "What up mom?" "Hey darling. I need you to pick up the dry cleaners today after school." Luke looked at the man. He was supposed to go over to his place today to make more deals. "I can't today." He hung up the phone. "Fuck off." He walked off.

Jennifer laughed. "Oh, please. You can not even begin to tell me that DC is better than Marvel. Like, who are you?" Danielle glared at her. "Oh please. Let's not even begin to describe the whole story of Superman and how he is the best superhero to ever live, even with his poor fashion choices, but I don't think I even need to mention the hypocrisy of the Avengers." Jennifer scoffed. "What are you talking about? What hypocrisy?" Danielle grinned. "Oh come on. Their whole purpose is saving the world, but what do they do in Age of Ultron? That's right, nearly destroy it and kill Pietro." Jennifer rolled her eyes. "It was an honest mistake, nothing hypocritical about it." Danielle smiled. "If you say so. I'm just saying, I would write a much better story." Jennifer chuckled. "I'm sure you would."

Mike quickly caught the ball before it fell down on the sunny grass. This was the only place where he felt secure and the only place where he could actually enjoy himself without the fear of somebody hitting him -- well, nearly. At that moment, Zachary crashed into him and pushed him down on the grass. "Oh, I'm gonna pay you back for this." He quickly got up and started chasing his teammate, when he suddenly noticed Ryder, his neighbor, and a boy who he'd never seen before walking away from the school. "I'll be right back." He dropped the ball and ran over to them. "Ryder! Why aren't you in football practice?" Ryder stuttered. "Um... I'm not feeling well. Ethan here is gonna drop me off at my house." Mike raised an eyebrow. "You sure do seem fine to me." Ethan raised an eyebrow himself. "Aw, fuck you man. Do you really know how he's feeling?" Mike's eyes nearly popped out of his head. "Are you his lawyer now? Do you not know who I am?" Ethan smirked. "I don't care who you are. All I know is that I'm gonna mess up that pretty face of yours." Ryder stood between them. "That's enough! Look, Mike, I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to skip practice today." Mike scoffed. "Typical. Well you know what Ryder, if you don't want to be on the team today, I find it hard to believe that you want to be on the team at all." It was Ryder's turn to raise an eyebrow. "What are you trying to say." Mike sighed. "Nothing." He walked off back to the field.

Leyla had just arrived back home when her father walked up to her. "What the hell was that in school today?" Leyla glared at him. "I've got homework." Her dad stopped her from going up the stairs. "No, Leyla, we need to talk about this. I thought you were okay with this whole thing. I mean, I promised I wouldn't do it again. What more do you want." Leyla scoffed. "Fuck off." She pushed her dad's arm away and walked up the stairs.

Ryder smiled at Ethan. "I get what you mean. It is hard living in a town as small as this one. I just never feel like I can be truly open with myself." Ethan nodded. "Look, I can promise you that this is totally something I can help you with. You just gotta trust me. I don't think it's bad, being who you wanna be. I don't think it matters what other people say of you. There is life after high school and there will always be people who think less of you, it doesn't matter who you are. It's just the way life works." Ryder smiled at him. "Thank you."

"Hand this over to Big Boo." Luke picked up the small box which was left on the table where he was sitting and handed it over to the boss. "Thank you. You're Luke, right?" The boy nodded. "I sure am." Big Boo sighed and leaned backwards in his chair. "I've heard you owe us some money, boy." Luke cleared his throat. "I do, sir, but my allowance comes in tomorrow and I will be sure to bring it to you as soon as I can." Big Boo chuckled. "Allowance, you say. So you have a family?" Luke nodded. "I do, sir." Big Boo bit his lip. "Tell you what. You don't have to bring me money." Luke raised an eyebrow. "I don't?" Big Boo shook his head. "You don't. You got any siblings or cousins your age? Preferably that don't go to your school." Luke nodded. Big Boo smirked. "Bring them to me."


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

  • Marlee Matlin as Celina Gorski-Montgomery
  • Bailee Madison as Paola Campanelli
  • Rachel Nichols as Cindy Matherson
  • Tyler James Williams as Zachary
  • Rowan Blanchard as Patricia Wallis
  • Bridgit Mendler as Maya Goldstein
  • Elizabeth Banks as Lilian Jasinski
  • Alec Baldwin as Tobias Jasinski
  • Matt Lanter as Ethan
  • Robert DeNiro as Big Boo

Guest CastEdit

  • Liz Smith as Mrs. Lewis
  • Jack Lemmon as Luke's colleague